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How to setup a Raspberry Pi as a NAS using Samba



How to deploy a Rails 4 app with Git and Capistrano

Calculating Historical Volatility

Historical Volatility shows how volatile an asset has been. There are numerous ways of calculating it, and I will show the most simple one here. Here’s how you calculate it using Excel or LibreOffice Calc if you so will. *… Fortsätt läsa →

The Builder Pattern

I won’t even go into why you should learn patterns. Patterns are canned knowledge! One of the fundamental ones are the Builder pattern. It’s create to help you avoid situations like: p = new Product(”STK”, ”XX”, ”TSZ”, 10.0, 11.33, 12.0,… Fortsätt läsa →

Adding Stripe Payments to your Rails application

If you need to process payments, for example charging the user for using your great new website, Stripe is a great contender. An alternative is PayPal, which I will write about later on. The Stripe APi documentation is great, however… Fortsätt läsa →

Setting up 1000 Devise user accounts using fixtures

Seting up a one Devise user (version 3.5.1 and later) is simple in file <app>/test/fixtures/users.yml: tom: id: 11 name: TestUser email: test@example.org encrypted_password: <%= Devise::Encryptor.digest(User, ‘password’) %> If you want to setup 1000 users, use some ERB code instead. <% 1.upto(1000) do… Fortsätt läsa →

IOS App that scrolls both vertically and horizontally

Great example on how you create a ”Netflix-lookalike” app with scrolling in bort vertical and horizontal direction. https://github.com/ThornTechPublic/HorizontalScrollingCollectionView

Test and Maximize network thruput

I had to transfer lots (LOTS) of video files from my IMAC where I had catptured a bunch of older DV tapes. Since space ran out (iMovie doesnt compress the video when capturing so a standard DV hour of video… Fortsätt läsa →

A workflow to sort pictures and movies by date captured (EXIF data)

I have lots and lots of home made movies, mostly in the form of DV-tapes and SD-cards. This is how I sort the pictures/clips by date You need a proper OS  (Linux and OSX only! No toy-systems!) You need exiftool… Fortsätt läsa →

Hibernate and Java annotations

So….. I wanted to use something as neat and powerful as Rails’ ActiveRecord. I had used hibernate a bit a long time ago, and frankly I didn’t know about any alternatives. Some lame Googling didn’t come up with anything so… Fortsätt läsa →

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